The art of persuasion

Building a successful business means persuading people to exhibit the right behaviours. The ability to sway opinions, convince stakeholders, and drive desired outcomes is a skill that sets exceptional business leaders apart from the rest. A cornerstone of effective persuasion lies in understanding the target audience. Do your research and try to empathise with the […]

Data Management

How to implement an effective data management strategy. Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) must adopt an effective data management strategy to remain competitive in today’s data-driven world. However, limited resources and expertise often pose significant challenges for SMBs in implementing such practices. Here are some key steps for developing and implementing an effective data management […]

Website accessibility

Is your firm’s website accessible and inclusive? In our highly digitalised business world, creating a website that is accessible and inclusive is no longer just an optional add-on, but rather a crucial element for success. Not only does it ensure that all users can access and navigate your content, but it also sends a positive […]

Analysing the competitive landscape

How to use Porter’s Five Forces model to assess the overall competitive landscape for your particular market. Porter’s Five Forces model is a widely used framework for analysing the competitive environment of a particular industry or business sector. Porter’s Five Forces are five separate factors that can impact business growth. The theory was developed by […]

Customer Journey Mapping

Stepping into the customer’s shoes. At first glance, its often easy to dismiss a customer journey as being something very simple – you offer a product or service, and the customer buys it. However, the customer journey is often incredibly complex. The shift to e-commerce has redefined customer expectations. Customers expect to be able to […]


A simple payments solution for small businesses. SumUp is a Point of Sale (POS) system designed with smaller businesses in mind. Start-ups and small, owner-managed businesses typically don’t have large budgets to invest in expensive tills and payment systems. However, like all businesses, they need to receive payment for their products or services. SumUp is […]

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