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MJB Avanti has partnered with Capitalise to make it easy for businesses to raise, recover and protect their capital.

Find capital for your business

MJB Avanti has partnered with Capitalise to make it easy for businesses to raise, recover and protect their capital.

With access to the Capitalise platform, we can help your business spot funding opportunities, recover bad debt, improve business credit scores, claim R&D tax credits and apply for innovation grants. We’re here to support you throughout the process.

Partners that Capitalise works with

Capitalise works with more than 100 providers including high street and alternative lenders as well as Capital Advisory partners. These are just some of the companies they work with:

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    Accessing funding

    We can help you access more than 100 high street and alternative lenders, through the Capitalise platform, to make sure that you get the appropriate rate and offer for your situation. Here’s how it works:

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      Funding solutions

      Some of the funding solutions that Capitalise offers:

            Asset finance:  Fund any asset, from telephones to forklift trucks, through asset finance

           Invoice finance:  If you invoice other businesses, use your invoices to get funding

           Merchant Cash Advance:  Use your credit card transactions to get funding
           Trade finance:  Pay for goods based on an order using trade finance
           Working capital:  Get a working capital loan to finance every day operations
           Property finance: Get access to bridging loans, development and commercial finance

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      Need more advice? [Mjb Avanti] can help!
      Funding success requires more than just completing an application. You’ll need to provide information that is easily understood and attractive to lenders. We can support you in all stages of the funding process and position your company in the best possible light for securing finance. If you need any sort of advice, please contact us at [08000 388799] or [info@mjb.co.uk].

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        Recovering bad debt

        96% of SMEs suffer bad debts or disputes while the majority will not instruct a lawyer due to lack of trust and high costs. Capitalise removes the upfront costs and minimises the financial risk to your business with a no-win-no-fee debt recovery service. If you do win, fees are capped at 30% of the recovered amount.

        How does Recovery work?

        Capitalise is working with an SRA-regulated partner who has already recovered over £100m. This partnership gives your business direct access to a dedicated team of corporate recovery specialists, litigation lawyers and sector specialists.

        Four key steps to kicking off the recovery process:

        Speak to us about Recovery. We’ll help you raise your case and start the process.

        1. Read through and sign the referral agreement. Capitalise will send you the agreement which needs to be signed in order for Escalate to review your case
        2. Read through and sign the Engagement pack. Once your case has been accepted, you’ll receive an Engagement pack that outlines the full terms of engagement.
        3. Leave the rest with Recovery. We’ll make sure to keep you in the loop.

         For more information on Recovery, get in touch!

        Many business owners are too quick to write off ‘good’ debt. When credit control practices fail, speak to us about Recovery. Book in a call to get started, please contact us at [0800 038 8799] or [info@mjb.co.uk].

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          Improving your business credit score

          Don’t let your credit score hold your business back. Having a good score comes with benefits. It can help your business get quicker access to funding with better interest rates or improved credit terms and relationships with suppliers and clients.

          When to use Credit Improvement

          • When the credit rating is not reflective of your business’ creditworthiness
          • When a supplier has informed your business of a downgrade in credit rating, reducing their terms
          • When the poor credit rating means your business is precluded from bidding for tenders
          • When your business needs a better credit rating to access funding or improve terms
          • When your business is a subsidiary of a larger company that has a poor credit rating
          • When lack of working capital is constraining your business’ growth.

          If you should find yourself in a situation where you need to improve your current business credit score, we can help.

          How does Credit Improvement work?

          By partnering with Capitalise, we can help you review your current score, suggest changes and see improvements within as little as 3 days. With a service that has seen 100% success rate in credit repair, your business is in safe hands. And if your score hasn’t improved, you won’t have to pay a single penny.   

          Speak to [Mjb Avanti] about Credit Improvement

          Let’s make sure your business is ready for any upcoming opportunities and challenges. Book in a call to find out more about credit improvement, please contact us at [0800 038 8799] or [info@mjb.co.uk].

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            Claiming R&D Tax Credits

            If your business is advancing overall knowledge or capability in your field, then speak to us to find out if your company could recover up to 33% of its spend on those projects. Claiming your R&D expenses back can be a complicated thing but you can now leave the specifics to us.

            In partnership with a team of R&D experts, this service has saved 14,000 clients over a quarter of a billion pounds to date. On average, eligible businesses receive £67,000 of relief back into their company.

            Find out if your business is eligible

            R&D Tax Credits are not only for companies with research labs. Qualified companies are also developing softwares, automation, new products, food recipes, development of innovative formulas, environmental products as well as improving processes and many more areas.

            Eligible businesses must meet the following criteria:

            • Must be subject to UK Corporation Tax
            • SMEs must be a ‘Going Concern’ at the time the claim is made
            • Relief is calculated based on expenditure incurred in the company accounts for each accounting period
              • We can look at any accounting period where the first anniversary of the due filing date has not passed. This usually means we can look at the previous two accounting periods if they were each 12 months in duration

            Want to hear more about R&D Tax Credits? Speak to [Mjb Avanti]

            Speak to us if you would like to enquire, on [0800 038 8799] or send us an email to [info@mjb.co.uk].

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              Applying for Innovation Grants

              Innovation Grants can help accelerate your projects and their timelines. Whether you’re looking to fund a big project or speed up the time to market of an innovative new product, we can help you with your application.

              Through our partnership with Capitalise, you’ll have access to a team of grant specialists with a 10-year track record of raising over £75m in funding for innovative companies.

              Benefits of government grant funding

              Aside from the fact that taking on a grant leaves your business with no additional debt, some funding can also cover the cost of academic and commercial experts as well as attracting esteemed organisations. 

              • Debt-free option. There is no debt or security for the funding received
              • Keep all your equity. You retain full control
              • Access to Partners. Some funding can cover the costs of experts and attract renowned organisations
              • Transformative impact. Amounts are typically between £50k and £4m with an intervention rate (the amount of funding a grant will provide) of 30-100%
              • Attractive to investors. Grants act as validation and signal reduced risk
              • External validation. Complete competitive process that has been scrutinised

              Find out more, speak to [Mjb Avanti]

              We’ll talk you through the process and options, just give us a call on [0800 038 8799] or send us an email to [info@mjb.co.uk].

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