A simple payments solution for small businesses.

SumUp is a Point of Sale (POS) system designed with smaller businesses in mind. Start-ups and small, owner-managed businesses typically don’t have large budgets to invest in expensive tills and payment systems. However, like all businesses, they need to receive payment for their products or services. SumUp is one of a number of POS system providers that have launched in recent years, with services designed to cater for this particular segment of the market.
SumUp has become very popular and chances are you have tapped your debit card, credit card or device on one of SumUp’s distinctive white plastic contactless payment cubes.

SumUp has been designed to be simple and has no fixed costs or monthly fees. They work on a pay per use basis and charge 1.69% per transaction. Their devices use WiFi and mobile data connections to take payments. As such, they have become quite popular with taxi drivers who want to accept card payments.

The devices accept card, contactless, chip and pin, Apple and Google Pay.

The SumUp system starts with the SumUp Air device which costs from just £29. This connects via Bluetooth to a smartphone or tablet. If your requirements are more advanced, SumUp also offers the Solo for £99 which is a standalone device with a built-in data SIM card.

SumUp also offers its 3G and Printer system which comes with a built-in data SIM card and prints receipts to paper till rolls. The printer also functions as a charging base. The data plan is free and the device also works with WiFi. This unit is more expensive at £149.

SumUp offers some pretty useful functionality. For example, it can allow you to send text payment links, send invoices, key payments into a virtual terminal or accept all major credit and debit cards using the hardware.

SumUp also offers some easy-to-use software as part of the package. Users can access a dashboard online from a computer or via the mobile app. If you have multiple employees, they can be set up on the system with different profiles with specific logins, access rights and so on.

SumUp is a pretty stripped-down system that is geared for small and start-up businesses. It won’t satisfy the needs of larger businesses but if basic payment functionality is all that you need, it’s a good option to consider